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High Roller

The High Roller Club is a new and different way of sending out samples.  You can implement for:

  • Members with 300 PV or
  • Members with 250 PV or
  • Members with 190 PV or
  • Customers on ER
  • Downline members with the highest PV
  • New enrollments
  • Members who host a class or Make and Take.

Basically you can implement it to suit your downline for whatever criteria that fits your needs.

Included in this release are

  • Generic High Roller Club welcome graphic
  • 6 recipes ready to print on 4x6 paper, each containing 2 3x4 cards.

Once purchased, each individual can print it as needed. You need to provide the roll ons and labels (for example from avery, label maker or handwritten stickers).