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Branding Board

Branding | In stock | oz

Having a clear direction on what I want to say, on who I am and attracting the right kinds of people started with me really thinking about the things I like to talk about and the lifestyle I want to portray. Ultimately that's what led me to creating a branding board for myself that has given me so much clarity and direction. And now that I've figured out the process, I can help you define your branding too!

You'll have everything you need to create a cohesive and consistent look on your website and social media outlets, all professionally created and customized for your business. 

Each Branding Kit Includes:

+ Customized Main Logo

+ 2 Logo Variations

+ Color Palette with HEX Codes

+ Specially Selected Fonts

+ Mood Board

+ Time with me to teach you how to use it!

    See what other businesses have to say about their customized branding board!


    "I took a huge leap for myself and asked Elisa to help me find my brand. She was absolutely amazing to work with and went above and beyond at not only helping me see myself better, but also helped me apply my look to my social media outlets. I had been so scared to take the step because it felt lonely and I hated being exposed. Because of Elisa and all her help and guidance, I even had the courage to book a photographer. I now have fonts, logos, and a succinct look that makes me happy and feels like me. Elisa, I can't say thank you enough."
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