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Monthly Newsletter

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More and more I'm learning that I need to reach my team several ways since everyone has different ways to communicating. For some, they're always on Facebook while others in my downline don't even have a Facebook account! So to meet their needs and ensure that I'm keeping in touch, I've been sending out a monthly newsletter for just about a year to ensure that everyone is kept informed on the latest news.

We have all kinds of skill on this team from those who use mail chimp on a regular basis to those who don't have an account at all. So to be able to ensure that everyone can have quick easy access to a monthly newsletter I can distribute it to different ways.

  1. Email you the template in mail chimp so you can send out to your team directly.
  2. Email you the newsletter so you can forward it to your team from your email.

Please make sure to put a note in your order with your preference so I can get it out to you. It will be sent between the 2nd and 4th of every month.

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